Medical Grade Face Shield, Case of 10

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Having the right tools for protecting your own safety and that of others has never been more vital. These medical-grade, reusable Face Shields are a front-line fighter in helping to prevent potential infection from reaching the user while also protecting others. In addition to keeping people safe, Face Shields are usually more comfortable to wear than masks  and they form a barrier that helps to keep people from easily touching their own faces. Additionally, unlike a mask, users don't need to pull a shield down to speak clearly. They also allow visibility of facial expressions and lip movements for easier speech recognition and perception. According to Dr. Eli Perencevich of the University of Iowa's Department of Internal Medicine, compared to face masks, "face shields may provide a better option." Designed with feedback from Registered Nurses at the Mayo Clinic, these face shields are made with medical-grade, crystal-clear polyester film. Extra-long at 9", they offer full-face protection that extends below the chin. Additionally, these shields feature anti-fog properties on both sides, a feature many face shields lack. The 15" adjustable elastic head band ensures that one size fits most. In a study, Face Shields were shown to reduce immediate viral exposure by 96% when worn by a simulated health care worker within 18 inches of a cough. So vital in keeping people safe, Dr. Robert Glatter, Emergency Physician at Lenox Hill Hospital notes, "One approach that makes the most sense, especially in light of the limitations of face masks and face coverings, is the use of face shields." This box contains 10 medical grade, reusable Face Shields. The extra-long length of 9" meets OSHA requirements. Ultra-soft, 1" thick medical foam rings the interior of the Face Shield for ultimate comfort, ensuring a comfortable fit even during the longest of days. More than 100,000 of these Face Shields are currently in use at Mayo facilities across the United States. Fully adjustable design with a medical bobbin system to help ensure a perfect fit. Manufactured in the USA.