Core Foam Cervical Collar

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Because so much activity stems from the neck, injuries and pain there need proper attention. This Foam Cervical Collar from Core helps relieve neck pain and discomfort by providing light support and stability for the head and neck. The collar is ideal for chronic neck pain, sports injuries, whiplash injuries or those mornings when you wake up after "sleeping  funny." Made from 1" polyurethane foam and covered with a 100% cotton stockinette cover, this support is comfortable against the skin. Wearing this collar for chronic neck pain or following a neck injury provides beneficial proprioceptive feedback and provides a gentle reminder to limit head and neck motions that may cause further pain. Easy to adjust and contoured for comfort, the collar is terrific for supporting the neck and relieving neck muscle tension and pain. The Collar is secured with a hook and loop closure. To clean, close all the hook and loop fasteners and then hand wash with cold water and mild soap. Hang the collar to dry. These Foam Cervical Collars are proudly made in the USA.