Apex Finger Splint

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This Finger Splint is designed for broken fingers and to help them recover. Suitable for adults and children, the splint is made for finger knuckle immobilization for anyone suffering finger pain, sprains, strains, arthritis and breaks. As the splint secures the injured finger from top and bottom, the shaped firm grip promotes healing as well as reduces pain and discomfort. Protects the fingertip to encourage new nail growth while waiting for an injured one to fall off. This splint is sized Medium and is geared towards children and smaller digits. Creates a custom, secure fit that can be adjusted for swelling and healing. Resize as finger regains shape and mobility. Easy to secure with just a few strips of medical tape (not included). Can be worn during the day while working, typing, driving and for conservatively preventing finger pain. Splint can be worn at night while sleeping. Features an open design that allows for air flow while the foam padding adds comfort. As the finger is secured from top and bottom, the splint also helps prevent re-injury. Perfectly sized for convenience. Splint will fit in any pocket, purse or first-aid kit.