Baseline Medical Skinfold Caliper - Deluxe Dual-sided Model

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The Baseline Skinfold Caliper is used to measure the thickness of subcutaneous tissue, or ?skinfolds?. Once recorded, these measurements can be translated to body fat content as a percentage of body weight. It should be noted that these percentage figures vary with age and sex. Lightweight and aluminum, the caliper has a large, easy-to-read scale that extends to 70 mm on each side. This feature facilitates left and right-handed clinicians to more easily use and read the caliper. The Skinfold Caliper comes in a protective carrying case. ?Floating tips" at the ends assure accurate and reproducible results. Quick and simple to use. Just take three measurements at each skinfold site. The final thickness is the average of these readings. In addition to the protective carrying case, the caliper also comes with a calibration block and a fully illustrated instruction manual which features body fat conversion tables for adults and children. At 3? long and weighing less than a pound, the caliper easily fits into pockets and is ideally suited to be taken from exam room to exam room. This Caliper is a Baseline product, which means it?s a trusted name in measurement and evaluation instruments. Baseline products have been used by Medical Professionals, Therapists, Doctors and Rehab Clinics all over the world since 1974. If you have ever received therapy after an injury, you have probably had your progress tested and measured with a Baseline measurement instrument.