CanDo Heat Gun Kit- includes heat gun, 3/8" Air Concentrator, 3" Air Spreader, case

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The CanDo Heat Gun Kit is a splinting kit that includes the CanDo Heat Gun, 3/8� Air Concentrator, 3� Air Spreader and Blow Mold Case. The CanDo Heat Gun is a compact and lightweight heat gun that is designed to be used with thermoplastics. It features a variable temperature control which allows temperature adjustment from 250-1100 degrees Fahrenheit (121 degrees -593 degrees Celsius). It has a built-in safety stand which allows clinicians to use both hands to manipulate splinting materials when needed. This heat gun also has a high-quality heat element and two-speed motor for durability and efficiency. The 3/8" Pin-Point Air Concentrator and 3� Air Spreader are accessories that attaches to the tip of the heat gun to direct airflow to a specific or larger area of the splint. The CanDo Heat Gun and attachments come in a Blow Mold Case that conveniently houses and protects the kit from external damage.