Level 2 Hopsital Gown, SMS fabric, blue, one size fits all

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Staying safe and clean in medical facilities becomes a lot easier with these Level 2 Hospital Gowns. Fluid resistant and disposable, these gowns are suitable for use during blood draws, suturing, in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or a pathology lab. FDA approved, they are made of medium weight SMS, a nonwoven fabric used in products such as face masks, medical caps, medical gowns, bedding and other hospital accessories. Elastic wrist ties ensure a snug fit while elastic ties at the neck make certain the gown stays put while being worn. Strong sealed seams are designed to withstand rough treatment and the longest of days. These Level 2 Hospital Gowns are one size fits all and come in a Case of 50. Also appropriate for use during basic care, standard isolation, as a cover gown for visitors or in a standard medical unit. The familiar “medical blue” of the gowns fit in with any hospital or medical facility. As a Level 2 low risk gown, this should not be used in moderate or high-risk hospital areas. The sealed seams provide 360° protection. The gown is designed with a full back that matches the length and coverage of the front.