Orfit Classic Precuts, ulnar drift splint, 1/8" non perforated

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Orfit Classic Precuts Ulnar Drift Splint has a unique pattern that offers the most realistic and functional ulnar deviation orthosis for patients with early stages of rheumatoid arthritis and ulnar drift of the digits. It is available in versions for the left and right hands. Orfit Classic Precuts are appropriate for many diagnostic conditions, especially when both volar and dorsal support is needed. The material features a coating which eliminates accidental bonding. Orthoses are easily remoldable and can be created quick and easy. The Orfit Classic Precuts come in multiple sizes: Small is suitable for 2.2" to 2.75" sized hands; Medium is suitable for 3.13" to 3.5" sized hands; and Large is suitable for 4" to 4.3" sized hands. The item shown is Orfit Classic Precuts, ulnar drift splint, 1/8" non perforated, left.