Premium Headrest Paper Sheets with Face Slot

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Designed for chiropractor, massage and medical exam tables, this case of treatment table face paper is ideal for providing comfort to face down patients. With face slits already provided, as soon as the patient lays face down, work is ready to begin. In addition to providing comfort for the patient, the face paper also protects medical and treatment tables  from dirt and moisture. Additionally, using disposable face paper eliminates linen and laundry costs. Coming in a Case of 1,000, patients and clients are assured of a clean surface every time they visit. The sheets are strong, absorbent and will not tear even when wet with perspiration. With safe hygiene being a must these days, these disposable face paper sheets are required for every practice to operate safely. Individual sheets mean less changeover time, so practices can operate more efficiently. Not just for exam and treatment tables, these sheets of face paper also work great on massage chairs. Treatment table face paper is proudly made in the USA.