Manipulation and Dexterity Test - Purdue Pegboard Accessory - 25 collars, 45 washers and 55 pins

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This is a set of accessories to be used with the Purdue Pegboard Standardized Test. These replacement pieces are required for successful examinations using the test. The Purdue Pegboard Test was originally developed in the 1940s as a test of manipulative dexterity. Now it's the industry standard in measuring the gross movements of hands (hand dexterity), fingers (unimanual and bimanual) and arms as well as finger-tip dexterity. The Purdue Pegboard Test has also proved useful in the assessment of motor deficits in both adults and children. The test board consists of two parallel rows of 25 holes each. Pins (pegs), collars and washers are placed in cups at the top of the testing board. Tests are standardized and timed as subjects are tasked with placing as many pegs in the holes as possible within the time limit. First with each hand solo and then both hands. The next set of tests involves constructing as pegs, washers, collars and another washer are "assembled" in each hole within the time limit. This set of replacement accessories includes 25 collars, 45 washers and 55 pins. Please note, this is a set of replacement accessories only. The testing board, instructions, scoring sheets and manual are available separately. The Purdue Test has also found value in neuropsychological assessments to assist in localizing cerebral lesions and deficits. Ideal for company personnel selection for jobs that require the use of hands and fingers, such as assembly line, typists and musicians, for example. The Test is considered a useful predictor of daily life functioning as it tests motor ability along with cognitive speed and attentional control. Storage of materials is easy. Leave pegs, washers and collars in the cups at the top of the board and cover with faceplate, which fits snugly to the board, providing a secure hold. As the testing board is constructed of plastic, it's easy to clean with warm soapy water and a damp cloth.