RangeMaster ShoulderWand

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The RangeMaster ShoulderWand is a collapsible stretching bar for patients who need to stretch shoulder-area scar tissue and increase range of motion. It is designed with an ergonomic handle that properly positions the humeral head during the stretching exercise. This physical therapy grade tool allows for greater mobility and comfort by stretching the user's  rotator cuff and shoulder muscles. Great for rehabilitation, the RangeMaster ShoulderWand will help improve strength and mobility after surgery or injuries. It also enhances the range of motion for people suffering from arthritis, tendonitis, frozen shoulder syndrome, rotator cuff injury, bursitis and other impingement issues. The ShoulderWand is made of high-quality component parts that securely connect together with threaded ends to prevent separation during overhead exercises. The secure-connection design also accommodates isometric strengthening exercises at the end of range.