RH Reusable Fabric Face Masks, 20 Pack

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Now more than ever, it's vital to have the right tools for protecting the safety of yourself and others. These triple-layered Reusable Face Masks are a front-line fighter in helping to prevent potential infection from reaching the user while also protecting others. So effective, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) advises wearing cloth face masks in public settings where social distancing measures can be difficult to maintain. These could include locations such as supermarkets, pharmacies and even the office. The CDC has repeatedly stated that the use of a simple cloth face covering can help to slow the spread of viruses and help people who may be unknowingly infected from transmitting it to others. These RH Face Masks meet the recommendations from the CDC for a cloth face covering. Constructed from a triple layer of soft and comfortable 100% cotton fabric, the masks contour to the face for a secure and comfortable fit. They provide coverage from nose to chin while protecting the nose and mouth from airborne particles, pollution, dust, pollen and other irritants. The slim pleated design allows the mask to be conveniently stored in a pocket or purse. Because the masks are soft to the touch and provide stretchy comfy ear loops, these terrific masks stay on and stay comfortable even during the longest of days. This is a Pack of 20 RH Reusable Fabric Face Masks. In addition to the fabric, the masks include an antimicrobial finish for even deeper protection, guarding against the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The masks can be machine washed up to 15 times in warm water with mild detergent and then tumble dried on high. One size fits most as the masks are universally sized. The mask and ear loops are both Latex-free. The mask is treated with water-resistant properties, ensuring comfort and a proper fit in any kind of weather.