Strapit Surgimask Face Masks, ASTM Level 2, Box of 50

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Having the right tools for protecting your own safety and that of others has never been more vital. These Level 2, surgical-grade, disposable 3 Ply Face Masks are a front-line fighter in helping to prevent potential infection from reaching the user while also protecting others. The Surgimask is suitable for individuals to wear to help reduce the risk of potential  infection and fluid contact with those in close proximity. Certified as a Level 2 mask in the United States, Europe and Australia, these are suitable for procedures where a moderate amount of blood, fluid, aerosols or spray may be produced. Surgimask provides the user with superior protection from a potential infection as it offers Bacterial Filtration Efficiency of greater than 99% for media that is greater than 3 microns. Surgimask also has a fluid resistance of 120mmHg/16.0kPa, which is consistent with Level 2 barrier protection. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), masks are recommended for those out in the community, even when practicing social distancing. Sized at 6.8" x 3.7" and in "hospital blue", these masks offer comfortable coverage for most from over the nose to the chin. Easy to wear ear loops ensure these perfect fitting masks stay on even during the longest of days. This box contains 50 non-sterile 3 Ply Surgimask Face Masks. Before putting on a mask and touching the face, make sure hands have been cleaned with soap and water. 3 Ply non-woven material creates a mask that is light and comfortable to wear for hours at time. The Surgimask provides excellent breathability with a low delta P (<1.8), ensuring maximum comfort and coolness when in use. Nose bar is adaptable and customizable assuring a proper and comfortable fit across the nose and cheekbones. Level 2, 3 Ply Face Masks offer a high filtration capacity, allowing them to be safely worn longer.